6 Tips to Deliver a Successful Office Fitout

Undertaking an office fitout or refurbishment is a significant project for your business; so, getting it right first time is crucial.


  1. Sweat the details

Identifying the reason for the fitout and what the requirements are is key to ensuring the finished product delivers on your business’ needs.

Here are some key questions to consider;

  • What is the key driver; growth in size of the workforce? facilities in need of upgrading? Health & Safety   concerns? lack of storage?
  • What is the long-term strategy for your business? Plan now for future growth and expansion. Your new   work space should be fit for purpose to see you through the next 5+ years.
  • How do you want employees to work? Do you want to employ a collaborative working environment? If so,   the design will need to reflect open spaces, break out areas etc. Do employees avail of flexible working   arrangements such as home working? Take this into consideration when planning desk requirements.
  • Have you considered technology? Both existing architecture and future requirements.
  • Do you know how many meeting rooms you’ll need and why?
  • Do you need breakout and food prep/catering areas?


2. Consider workplace wellbeing

It is now widely accepted that workplace wellbeing benefits the organisation and its staff and is no longer viewed merely as a ‘nice to have’.

There are many corporate wellness programmes out there that offer a range of services and supports to promote workplace wellness. However, the results of such programmes can be mixed due to the reliance on employee engagement and take up which can vary due to several factors. Instead it makes sense to design the workplace itself to support wellness.

Taking a holistic approach to the overall wellbeing of the workforce and considering factors such as access to natural light, air quality, temperature control, acoustics and flexible workstations are all considered in a modern office design.


3. Provide a variety of spaces to maximise productivity

Providing a variety of spaces will help foster a positive and friendly atmosphere, while improving concentration, collaboration and creativity among the workforce.

Breakout areas provide an opportunity to get away from the desk and are a space for formal meetings or informal and impromptu catch ups. They have also been shown to increase productivity, boost creativity and improve wellness.

A quiet zone allows employees to take time out to work without distraction. Distractions and interruptions can affect the actual quality of work. Quiet zones allow employees the opportunity to disengage and structure their workday based on the task at hand.

Social areas are an important consideration in any office design. By providing a social space you are giving your employees an opportunity to build relationships with colleagues, ease stress and time to take their mind off work. This change of scene is vital to recharging the brain and improving concentration.


4. Reinforce brand awareness

An office fitout project offers the ideal opportunity to align your corporate values, marketing messages and business branding.

First impressions count – and that applies to your clients as well as your staff, recruitment is competitive, and an amazing office space will help attract and retain the best staff. Incorporate the business colours and  messages throughout – use your corporate colour scheme in office furniture and interior decorations, incorporating your logo and ideals.

Make your values known and invest in some brand-specific finishes or artwork to underpin your company’s vision and overall image. Incorporate some playful interactive features like custom-built sculptures or furniture which effectively showcase the purpose of your business — this can set your organisation apart in the minds of clients.


5. The budget

Once you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve; it is time to put a realistic budget in place.

Many items will be relatively easy to budget for but don’t forget to allow for less obvious costs such as; planning permission fees, professional fees; insurances, increased utility or maintenance costs, temporary storage during the renovation etc.

Be sure to include all IT and technology costs.

Engaging a fitout company who provides a design and build solution can pay dividends. You will be provided with full cost estimates – ranging from space planning, office design, on site construction and furniture installation. They will also be able to advise on what are the key drivers in the overall cost.


6. Bring in the experts

Finally, engage a fitout specialist with experience in projects in occupied premises. Their expertise will be invaluable, not only during the fitout phase but also in the planning phase e.g. they can advise swing space solutions. Key considerations during the fitout are access and egress, noise and dust control, consideration of other tenants and disruption to your operation. This is where an experienced contractor will be able to advise and deliver on a schedule that will minimise disruption to all concerned.


At IIS Space we partner with our clients to create truly inspiring work spaces. From art deco warehouses to enterprise hubs, centres of excellence and retail spaces, we’ve delivered robust, tailored solutions for over 15 years. We have the industry expertise, experience and resources to complete complex refurbishment and innovative fitout projects.

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