Eircom reveals new logo – €16m rebranding as ‘eir’ – IIS Space main contractor.

The €16m new branding was launched by company boss Richard Moatand Communications Minister Alex White. IIS Space are the main contractor on the flagship store – the first of the stores to be rebranded.

The company also announced that it’s rolling out home broadband services with download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second in 15 communities around the country. 23,000 premises will have access to the eir ‘Fibre Extreme’ product immediately, which the company’s claims is Ireland’s fastest broadband.

No stranger to new owners and rebrands, the company is the former state-owned Telecom Eiireann. The growth recorded in the period, which is the fourth quarter of the group’s financial year, was the first quarterly year on year growth that the company recorded in seven years.