The 7 best tips in office refurbishment!

The increasingly high demand for premium office space has led to an increase in large scale refurbishments of existing offices in lieu of fit-outs in new office locations. Many companies underestimate the potential of their existing building to meet their needs which a successful refurbishment can achieve. A comprehensive review and redesign allows for a substantial increase in space utilization to meet the workplace needs.

Whether it’s to upgrade the company image with the help of new décor and facilities, to make more efficient use of the space or to accommodate more staff, once you’ve made the decision to refurbish your office space, it’s time to get on with it.

1. Make sure and plan beyond today’s needs.

Consider not just your present needs but also how they may change in the future. Build in flexibility that will allow you to adapt to business growth and expansion, in addition to changing workplace culture and technological advances. Adaptable furniture and modular systems can help achieve this. An office refurbishment is your chance to take full advantage of contemporary and future trends and materials, incorporate sustainable building technologies and powerful IT capabilities and make use of innovative workplace practices to create the best possible environment for your business to succeed today and in the years to come.

2. We manage the process professionally.

At IIS Space we run your office refurbishment like a finely oiled machine, with a designated project manager and an agreed budget. We set a realistic timetable that starts with staff consultation and ends with a superior office handed over to you on time and on budget. We can help provide a complete solution – from space planning and designers to installation and even training.

3. Let there be ‘natural’ light.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the correct lighting levels; make the most of natural light where and when possible and if not take our professional advice on the type and placement of artificial light sources. Natural light is a highly prized commodity in offices spaces everywhere – maximise it wherever possible. High levels of natural daylight in the workplace are associated with improved happiness, higher brain activity and better productivity, with fewer health complaints being reported, compared to offices that rely mostly on artificial lighting.

4. Making effective use of your office space.

Dublin and London office rents being what they are, it’s crucial that your office space is utilised to its full potential to deliver maximum value. Rather than making do with an inherited or accidental office layout, now is the time to rethink and reconfigure it to your best advantage. Consider whether your business would work better with quiet, traditional workspaces or ask us to investigate open plan designs and bench desking to create a more dynamic, interactive environment for your staff.

5. Re-energisie with casual break-out areas.

Ensure your office space is conducive to the wellbeing of your employees. The negative effect of sitting for long periods is well documented. Breakout spaces in the office provide a much needed getaway from the desk. It’s a place to have informal meetings with colleagues or clients, take a lunch break away from the computer, or just somewhere to have a quick chat. It’s surprising how re-energising a short break can be, refreshing our mental capabilities and leading to higher productivity.

6. Make it ergonomic.

Choose ergonomic solutions for the comfort of your employees along with materials that fit with your brand image and provide an energising and motivating environment in which to work. Buying budget chairs and desks is a false economy. The majority of office workers spend around 40 hours a week at the office, most of that time sat down in front of a computer screen. Good quality furniture has been shown to stimulate productivity and reduce staff absence levels, while unsupportive furniture can cause physical discomfort and a long list of long-term health problems.

7. Reinforce and realign your company brand.

Refurbishing your company premises offers the ideal opportunity to align your corporate values, marketing messages and business branding. First impressions count – and that applies to your clients as well as your staff, hiring is ultra competitive and an amazing office space will help attract and retain the best staff. Incorporate the business model, colours, message throughout – use your corporate colour scheme in office furniture and interior decorations, incorporating your logo and ideals.

At IIS Space we partner with our clients to create truly inspiring workplaces. With specialist interiors professionals and dedicated project managers from inception to handover means that you are looked after every step of the way. We deliver every job on time and within budget.