This project was an office fitout for client Hewlett Packard. The brief was to redesign an existing ground floor workspace to accommodate 400 HPE staff, over 3 separate departments. Hewlett Packard Enterprise wanted to achieve a dynamic and professional workspace.


    Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Leixlip, Co Kildare

    28 Weeks
  • SIZE

    35,000 sq. ft.


Delivering space built for connection, reflection and growth

The core requirements were to connect the internal spaces with the external landscape and natural light while providing a mix of amenities for the staff to accommodate and support their working needs. All works were undertaken within a live office and lab environment. The concepts of ‘Connection’ and ‘Reflection’ were adopted in the design solution, throughout the 3 departments to bring together place, environment and people.



The solution was achieved by employing some key innovative features.

  • The workstation solution chosen is based on a sit / stand system
  • Stand only meeting areas were introduced to encourage movement and to create a more active workplace
  • Bespoke timber ceiling slats defined the key areas and were designed to dampen acoustic reverberation
  • Timber veneer wall cladding was used in the enclosed meeting rooms to create acoustic baffling
  • Angled mirror wall cladding allowed natural light bounce through the space, meaning even hidden meeting areas located away from windows would get a glimpse of the nature outside
  • Spatial planning helped ensure each department’s specific needs were met while also establishing a singular common principle across the business
  • All open working areas make the most of access to natural light and there is flexibility for projected growth and reconfiguration in the future with minimal impact and disruption


“IIS were appointed to complete the fitout of the ground floor of our offices in Leixlip. It was a substantial project as the space accommodates 400 staff. IIS brought their experience and expertise to the project and the transformation the HPE workplace has underwent has truly inspired our workforce to change the way they work together and sell to our cus­tomers. Innovation, creativity and productivity have increased purely through the dramatic change in spaces available to employees. The finished product is of the highest quality and the new work­place accelerates HPE to the fore in attracting and retaining talent.’’

Gary Kelly
HP Project Director


Maximising natural light in flexible work spaces

As a result of this office fitout, Hewlett Packard have modern and professional workspace. The working environment is a collaborative with a mix of formal, informal and social meeting zones in a variety of different configurations. It boasts features such breakout areas, quiet rooms, office pods and large angular multiple reflective surfaces. The space maximises the natural light in such a way that the reflective surfaces connect with nature outside and as such enhance the feeling of space and openness.