This project was the refurbishment of 3 floors of Bvlgari office space. The works were delivered over 12 weeks in 3 phases. Part of the brief was to ensure all employees both open plan and in cellular offices had visual contact with others as well as natural light reaching their space. All offices and meeting rooms were constructed using double glazing to ensure natural light flow.

The refurbishment needed to be very sharp and modern to complement the brand image. Works included the upgrade of existing lighting, air conditioning and fresh air systems.



    Macken House, Dublin

    12 weeks
  • SIZE

    15,000 sq. ft.


Reconfigured layout delivers both noise management and team integration

The floor layout was reconfigured to accommodate team integration whilst ensuring noise control, as all employees are big phone users. Strong acoustic requirements formed part of all office and meeting room specs.



Feature space creates dynamic focal point

The refurbishment works in the Bvlgari office have resulted in a bright, vibrant and modern work space. The breakout space is the focal point of the office, with table tennis and fuzzball tables, it has informal meeting areas as well as banquet high back seating booths for 2/4 person meetings as well as chill out seating.